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Why Cold Pressed?

Why Cold Pressed?

Juicing in general is a health trend that has been a fast-growing industry. Green juice is refreshing beverage that’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Why would you not want to give it a try? 

Everyday we are exposed to toxins. Between the foods we eat, the drinks we drink (especially alcohol), and the pollution in the air, our bodies are constantly fighting to keep up. Specifically, our livers, kidneys, and skin are the organs that do most of the heavy lifting. Our organs need a break from time to time, and luckily green juice has the ability to do that. 

Green juice is one of the most effective ways to reboot your organs, because it basically streamlines the important nutrients into your body. It is this strong and immediate because it is missing the fibrous pulp that is in the fruits and vegetables. Because of this, your body doesn’t have to break anything down before using the nutrients and vitamins. They immediately enter your body, and give you a boost of energy. 

The cold press method of juicing preserves the ingredients the most. The fruits and vegetables are pressed to extract the most liquid possible from them, but the best part about it being cold pressed is that there is no additional heat used. By keeping the process as cold as possible, no nutrients are lost like in the heat of traditional pasteurization. 

Our green juice is freshly cold pressed daily, made from organic whole foods, and with no added sugar, just so that your body can get the nutrients it deserves, with the convenience of delivery.